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Emergency Medical Care in Lauderhill, FL

The thing about accidents and injuries is that they tend to happen without warning. But in some cases, the local hospital emergency room isn't the place you want to be following an injury or sudden illness. After all, emergency rooms often mean long waits and expensive co-pays. At 1 Hour Med - West Broward Urgent Care, we have another option for you. Our urgent care facility is designed to get you the treatment you need without forcing you to spend hours waiting around.

Thorough, Comprehensive Care

At 1 Hour Med - West Broward Urgent Care, our goal is to offer the detailed, reliable care you need in a comfortable and convenient setting. If you suddenly find yourself with an injury or illness that isn't life-threatening, it may pay to come to our center rather than subject yourself to the hassles of dealing with your local emergency room. Our urgent care center is staffed with dedicated medical professionals, and our caring administrative employees will do their best to make your experience with us a positive one. So if you need medical attention following an accident, injury, or illness, call or visit 1 Hour Med - West Broward Urgent Care to get the care you need.